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The Benefits and Applications of Carbon Graphite

1. The benefits of carbon graphite

Carbon graphite has unique properties that make it ideal for a variety of applications and environments in manufacturing. For example, in terms of lubrication, carbon graphite outperforms conventional oil lubrication. Oil lubricated bearings have difficulty below -40°C because of the high viscosity of the oil, while at temperatures above 200°C the oil will carbonize and become abrasive. Graphite bearings, on the other hand, can remain effective at temperatures above 600°C. These bearings can operate in wet and dry conditions and also work well as rotating shaft and face seal materials.

The versatility, self-lubricating ability, and elasticity of carbon graphite make it ideal for use in a variety of operations where other materials or lubricants may fail. This chemically inert, temperature-resistant and lightweight substance can also be machined to close tolerances and manufactured to specific and unique requirements. Contact carbon graphite manufacturers near you to experience the difference in these benefits.

2. What are the applications of carbon graphite?

Chemically aggressive environments: Chemically aggressive applications represent another area of application for carbon graphite. For example, sterilization processes tend to leach oil from the structure of oil-lubricated bearings. In addition, solvents and radiation can break down lubricants, and low pressure can cause lubricants to evaporate. Carbon-graphite materials have inherent stability and chemical resistance, making the material ideal for these types of applications.

High-speed applications: Continued demands for efficiency are driving rotating equipment to higher speeds and lower kinetic friction. Mechanical carbon provides stability to the non-contact design and provides the required lubricity during startup and shutdown (when components actually touch).

High Duty Applications: Lubricants are not suitable for other applications for various reasons. High loads can squeeze lubricant from the surface. Without a hydrodynamic layer of lubricant, failure is imminent unless the material provides self-lubrication. In some applications, such as those involving food processing, lubricants can contaminate the surrounding environment. Specific grades of carbon graphite are approved for food handling applications.

Aerospace applications: Carbon graphite and graphite are excellent materials for main shaft seals of aircraft turbine engines. The main shaft in a turbine engine rotates at very high speeds and operates under changing high temperature conditions. Main shaft bearing chamber seals are used to protect the rotor support bearings from hot gases flowing through the engine and to prevent the loss of lubricant in the bearing chamber.

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