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EDM Graphite

What Is EDM Graphite?

EDM graphite, also known as graphite for EDM machining, is a new material. Nowadays, EDM graphite products like EDM graphite rods and blocks become more and more widely used in the precision mold processing industry. EDM is the principle of removing layers of materials on the surface of the workpiece by using the transient high temperature generated when the spark between the electrode and the workpiece is energized. EDM is suitable for machining conductive workpieces with high hardness. The numerical control EDM forming machine is the best example of EDM.


How EDM Graphite Works?

At present, more than 90% of the electrode materials used in mold processing plants in developed European countries are EDM graphite materials. Copper, once the dominant electrode material, has almost lost its advantage over graphite. Why is that? Because EDM graphite electrode materials for discharge have a great advantage, because the spark oil also contains C atoms, in electro-discharge machining, the C atoms are in high temperature making the spark oil decomposition, thus the surface of the graphite rod electrodes in EDM form a protective film and compensate the loss of graphite electrode. As a consequence,  electrode loss of EDM graphite rods and blocks is small, which leads to longer service life.


EDM Graphite Electrode Importance

The manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of high-end and intelligent manufacturing is greatly promoted. Thus, in the field of precision mold manufacturing, the requirement for processing the discharge material used is higher and higher, so the position of EDM graphite in the precision mold processing is higher and higher, Therefore, the screening of EDM materials has been highly concerned by the industry, and the high-quality EDM graphite produced by WH graphite, one of the leading graphite products manufacturers in China, is increasingly selected by high-end mold manufacturers.