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Custom Isostatic Graphite Block

Isostatic graphite blocks are mainly used in solar single, polycrystalline thermal field, semiconductor single crystal thermal field, graphite mold processing, insulation materials (solidified felt, carbon felt, graphite soft felt), graphite electrode (RP/HP/UHP), graphite special-shaped parts, graphite carburizer, etc. WH Graphite is a leading isostatically pressed graphite blocks in China for many years, contact us for more required grades.

Isostatic Graphite Blocks Grades

GradeDensityERThermal (100°C )CTE (- 600°C)Shore Hardness

GradeFlexural StrengthStrengthPorosityAshPartical Size


1. Product performance is an indicator of product center location

2. The porosity is the sum of the open porosity and the closed porosity

3. Updated Date:2021/6/10

Isostatic Graphite Block Uses

WH Isostatic Graphite Blocks are versatile materials that find wide-ranging applications across various industries due to their exceptional thermal stability, mechanical strength, and conductivity. In the casting industry, these blocks are instrumental in creating intricate molds for the production of high-quality metal components. Their uniform density and impressive thermal shock resistance make them ideal for withstanding the extreme conditions encountered during the casting process, resulting in precise and defect-free castings.

Moreover, in the solar industry, WH Isostatic Graphite Blocks play a crucial role in the production of both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. Their ability to withstand high temperatures and thermal cycling makes them essential components in the thermal fields of semiconductor single crystal and solar cell manufacturing, facilitating the creation of high-quality and efficient solar energy products.

Additionally, these isostatic graphite blocks are utilized in graphite mold processing, where their machinability and dimensional stability enable the production of intricate and molded graphite block for various applications. Furthermore, WH Isostatic Graphite Blocks are employed in the production of insulation materials, graphite electrodes (RP/HP/UHP), and other graphite special-shaped parts, showcasing their versatility and adaptability in meeting diverse industrial needs.

WH Isostatic Graphite Blocks stand as indispensable materials, contributing to the advancement and innovation in multiple industries, including casting, solar energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and beyond. Their exceptional properties and reliability make them the material of choice for companies seeking top-quality solutions for their thermal and electrical conductivity needs.


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Why Choose WH Isostatic Graphite Blocks Manufacturer

  • In WH Graphite, Isostatic graphite block is suitable for processing all kinds of conductive materials, isostatically pressed graphite blocks can process complex workpiece, processing thin-wall workpiece

  • Isostatically pressed graphite is also suitable for deep narrow groove processing, micro processing has unique advantages, high processing precision, fast speed, save raw materials.

Advantages of Isostatic Graphite Block

  • 01

    In the current industrial field, with the development of economy and technology, the technical requirements for precision molds are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, isostatic graphite blocks properties have attracted unprecedented attention in the processing of the precision carbon graphite molds, and the screening of this kind of solid graphite block has received high attention in the industry.

  • 02

    The price of isostatic graphite block material is only 15% of that of copper electrode of the same volume. At present, graphite has become a popular material for various isostatic graphite block applications, with lower cost and more stability.

  • 03

    The density of isostatic graphite block is usually 1.7-1.9g/cm3 (copper is 4-5 times of graphite). Compared with copper electrode, graphite electrode can reduce the mechanical load in this process, and it is more suitable for the application of large mold.

  • 04

    Compared with metal materials, the volume of isostatic graphite block is lower, and it has excellent machining performance.

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