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EDM graphite blocks are becoming more and more popular among our customers. EDM graphite is a new material. In recent years, with the development of China's industry, remarkable achievements have been made in science and technology. Graphite EDM blocks for machining has become the theme of The Times to create higher quality and lower cost in the field of precision mold industry. Therefore, graphite blocks for machining has become a new vane to look for newer graphite block material to replace copper electrodes in the industry. Therefore, the demand for EDM graphite blocks from our company is increasing in many EDM manufacturers. Contact WH graphite EDM blocks supplier for further information.

Graphite EDM Blocks Grades

GradeDensityERThermal (100°C )CTE (- 600°C)Shore Hardness

GradeFlexural StrengthStrengthPorosityAshPartical Size


1. Product performance is an indicator of product center location

2. The porosity is the sum of the open porosity and the closed porosity

3. Updated Date:2021/6/10

EDM Graphite Blocks Dimensions (mm)





WH Graphite is a leading EDM graphite blocks supplier, specializing in providing high-quality graphite grades tailored for machining electrodes used in electrical discharge machining (EDM). As a trusted supplier of EDM electrode materials, WH Graphite offers custom graphite blocks designed to meet the specific requirements of precision machining applications, ensuring exceptional performance, reliability, and durability.

With a keen focus on precision and customization, WH Graphite delivers a comprehensive range of EDM graphite blocks grades, meticulously engineered to deliver superior electrical conductivity, thermal stability, and consistency. These custom EDM graphite blocks are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of EDM machining processes, enabling manufacturers to achieve intricate and accurate machining of metal components with efficiency and precision.

WH Graphite's commitment to excellence extends to its dedication in providing personalized support and expertise to assist customers in selecting the most suitable graphite grades for their EDM electrode applications. Whether it's for roughing, semi-finishing, or finishing operations, WH Graphite's diverse selection of EDM graphite blocks and mold graphite block ensures that manufacturers have access to the optimal materials for their specific machining needs, empowering them to enhance productivity and achieve exceptional surface finishes.

By partnering with WH EDM graphite electrodes manufacturer and supplier, they can elevate their EDM machining capabilities, benefiting from reliable access to top-quality electrode materials that are engineered to maximize performance and deliver consistent results. WH Graphite's unwavering commitment to innovation and quality makes them the preferred choice for companies seeking exceptional EDM graphite blocks tailored to their unique machining requirements.


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High purity graphite block

High density graphite blocks

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Large Graphite Block

EDM Graphite Blocks for Electrodes

  • EDM graphite, now more and more widely used in precision mold processing industry, more than 90% of the mold processing electrode material is graphite. Copper, once the dominant EDM electrode materials, has almost lost its advantage over graphite. 

  • Why is that? Because of graphite materials for EDM discharge has a great advantage, because the spark oil also contains C atoms, in electro discharge machining, the C atoms are in high temperature makes the spark oil decomposition, thus the surface of the graphite rod electrodes in EDM form a protective film, compensate the loss of graphite electrode, prolong the service life of the graphite EDM electrodes.

Advantages of EDM Graphite Blocks for Machining

  • 01

    Faster processing speed. Under normal circumstances, the mechanical processing speed of the high-purity graphite product can be 2-5 times faster than copper, and the discharge speed is 3-5 times faster than copper.

  • 02

    The EDM graphite material is less prone to deformation and has obvious advantages in the processing of thin reinforcement materials.

  • 03

    Lighter weight. The density of EDM graphite material is only 1/5 of copper, which can effectively reduce the burden of machine tools (EDM) when large electrodes are used for discharge machining.

  • 04

    Less discharge consumption. Because spark oil also contains C atoms, during discharge machining, C atoms in spark oil are decomposed by high temperature, which in turn forms a protective film on the surface of graphite electrode to compensate the loss of graphite EDM electrodes.

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