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Custom Quartz Graphite Crucible

Graphite crucible works best with a quartz jacket because graphite oxidizes. High purity graphite crucible is good or bad with its material and density. Good graphite crucible doesn't oxidizes easily, so that the production loss is low. Bad graphite oxidation is not uniform and will eat the material, resulting in high loss. Graphite crucible oxidation is easy to thin and even rupture through the use of pure graphite crucible covered with quartz crucible jacket, which can provide protection.

Advantages of Quartz Graphite Crucible

  • With good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, it is widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry, glass and other industrial sectors, especially in the metal smelting industry, mainly used in the graphite crucible for melting metal

  • Graphite crucible and quartz crucible are commonly used for smelting metals.

Quartz Crucible VS Graphite Crucible

  • 01

    Color & Shape: Quartz crucible and graphite crucible are different in color. Quartz crucible is white cup shape, graphite crucible is black cup shape.

  • 02

    Application: If you are ordinary heating, the recommended price of quartz crucible, if you want to carry out strong heat treatment such as melting metal, you can consider using graphite crucible.

  • 03

    Thermal Conductivity: Graphite crucible thermal conductivity is much better than quartz crucible, and due to different ingredients can be directly conductive using electrode heating, graphite crucible melting point is more than 1000 degrees higher than quartz crucible (more than 700 degrees higher than the enhanced high borosilicate crucible)

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