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Graphite Block Uses in the Metallurgical Industry

Graphite block is a solid shape, the general raw material is more artificial graphite, graphite mold, and so on. There are also small graphite blocks made of flake graphite, such as carbon brushes. Graphite is mostly powder, such as earthy graphite powder, scale graphite, and so on are powder. Graphite shape characteristics: graphite soft, black gray; Greasy, can pollute the paper. The hardness is 1 ~ 2, along the vertical direction with the increase of impurities the hardness can be increased to 3 ~ 5. The specific gravity is 1.9 ~ 2.3. The specific surface area ranges from 1 to 20m2/g. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, its melting point is above 3000℃. It is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. It can conduct electricity and heat. The role of graphite plate in the smelting industry in the smelting industry, with graphite crucible, do ingot protection agent, do smelting furnace lining magnesia carbon brick. Graphite is a widely used, graphite material because of its excellent heat conduction function and outstanding anti-corrosion function is widely used in the chemical industry, electronics, iron and steel, medicine, and other professions graphite is one of the crystal minerals of carbon. Graphite is one of the crystal minerals of carbon elements. It has excellent functions such as lubricity, chemical stability, high-temperature resistance, electric conductivity, special thermal conductivity and plasticity, coating, and so on. Its application fields are very wide.

Graphite Block Uses in the Metallurgical

As the industrial graphite products obtained by deep processing of graphite electrode, the graphite blocks for sale are mainly used in powder metallurgy in the sintering link, raw materials are put on the graphite block in the sintering furnace or vacuum furnace through high temperature, melting different metals. Due to the high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of graphite block itself, such as our EDM graphite rod, it can meet the requirements of the powder metallurgy profession. Graphite blocks can be reused, which can save economic costs for customers.

Applications of Graphite

Again, the use of graphite blocks in the casting profession. Metal by heating in the graphite crucible can reach 1500 degrees Celsius into liquid form, this time can use graphite casting method cast into the demand of industrial products. The graphite casting method is simply graphite casting and metal casting similar. Graphite type is most suitable for casting copper, aluminum alloy. It has excellent thermal conductivity and thermochemical stability. Casting tin bronze and aluminum iron bronze with graphite mold can overcome casting defects such as shrinkage cavity, porosity, and pinhole, and improve mechanical function.