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  • Custom Graphite Rod Electrode

Custom Graphite Rod Electrode

Graphite is widely used in the electrical industry as electrode, brush, carbon rod, carbon tube, positive electrode of mercury rectifier, graphite gasket, telephone parts, television picture tube coating and so on. Among them, graphite rods for electrolysis is the most widely used. When smelting various alloy steel and iron alloy, graphite rod electrode is used to generate electric arc, so that electric energy is converted into heat energy, and the temperature rises to about 2000 degrees, so as to achieve the purpose of smelting or reaction. 

Advantages of Graphite Rods for Electrolysis

  • Graphite rod thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is very high, such as: thermal conductivity is different from the general metal materials, graphite electrode cylinder rod is greater than iron, lead, steel and other metal materials, and will increase with the temperature, the thermal conductivity is reduced.

  • The conductivity of graphite rod is 4 times higher than that of stainless steel and 2 times higher than that of carbon steel.

How to Use Graphite Rods for Electrolysis

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    When the vacuum furnace is used as an electric heater, it is necessary to select the red-heat uniformity of the heating part, because it will affect the temperature distribution and service life of the furnace. If graphite carbon rod in use, red heat uniformity becomes poor, will cause graphite rod fracture.

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    Due to the nature of graphite rod itself, the higher the temperature, the shorter the service life. It can be seen that if the surface temperature of graphite carbon rod exceeds a certain temperature, the oxidation rate will increase, and the life will be shortened. Therefore, when we use, we recommend that you do not make its surface temperature too high.

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