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Custom Extruded Graphite Block

Extruded graphite block, mainly used for molten iron with casting molds and graphite crucible furnace, powder metallurgy, sintering boat and tray, melting and alloying crucible, etc.

Extruded Graphite Blocks Technical Indicators

ItemDensityMax SizeResistanceFlexural StrengthC.T.E.ConductivityAsh


EDM graphite blocks

Isostatic graphite block

Molded graphite block

High purity graphite block

High density graphite blocks

Vacuum furnace graphite

Large Graphite Block

Extruded Graphite Blocks Specifications (mm)

Extruded Graphite Blocks Specifications (mm)
500x500x1830500x500x1800500 x 500 x 1830 
650x500x1830/2200650x500x1800650 x 500 x 1830 
650 x 600 x 1800 
810 x 500 x 1830 
940 x 500 x 1860 
1120 x 400 x 2200 


Extruded Graphite Block VS Molded Graphite Block

  • Extruded graphite is to load the paste into the paste cylinder of the press and squeeze it, and then cut the extruded strip into the required length and pile it up after cooling. Extrusion method is semi-continuous production, that is, every time you add a certain amount of paste, you can continuously extrude a number of (graphite block, graphite material) products, so the production efficiency of extrusion method is much higher than that of molding method.

  • Molded graphite is to put a certain amount of paste with the required shape and size of the mold, and then from the upper or lower pressure, sometimes from the upper and lower directions at the same time to apply a certain pressure on the paste, so that the paste in the mold by compression and molding. Molded graphite has a very wide range of properties such as mechanical strength, friction resistance, density, hardness, conductivity and so on, and can be further improved by impregnating resin or metal.

Advantages of Extruded Graphite Block

  • 01

    Extruded graphite block, especially cold extrusion molding, high material utilization rate.

  • 02

    Material structure and mechanical properties have been improved, simple operation, high productivity.

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