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Graphite Solar Panels

With the rapid development of the solar photovoltaic industry, the demand for raw monocrystalline silicon cells and polycrystalline silicon cells is also increasing. Graphite is a crystalline mineral of carbonaceous elements, which has excellent properties of high-temperature resistance, electric and thermal conductivity, so it has a good application prospect.


Requirements of Graphite Products for Graphite Solar Panels

The thermal system of a monocrystalline furnace refers to the whole system for melting silicon material and maintaining single crystal growth at a certain temperature. In the thermal field of monocrystalline, graphite parts include large graphite block, crucible, heater, guide tube, graphite barrel, electrode, screw, and so on, about 30 kinds. In these high purity graphite products, the heater is the most important part of the thermal system, is a direct heating element, the temperature is up to 1600℃, so the characteristics of graphite raw materials are very high requirements, ultra-fine, high purity, at the same time to achieve a certain resistance value, the detection of physical and chemical indicators of the material is also the most important.


Potential of Graphite Products for Graphite Solar Panels

At present, graphite materials in the production of the photovoltaic industry can withstand high temperatures, but the service life is not long enough so that there are more consumables in the production. Therefore, the company is developing a new process, so that it can maintain the existing high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and other characteristics of high purity graphite, but also enhance the mechanical strength, prolong the service life.