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High Temperature Graphite in Aerospace Industry

Graphite, as a non-metallic resource mineral, has been widely used in the aerospace field, such as sealing material and throat lining material, because of its self-lubricating performance, easy molding, good thermal conductivity, thermal stability, and chemical stability.


Characteristics of High-Temperature Graphite in Aerospace Industry

High-temperature graphite material has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, ablative resistance, and lightweight, so it can be used as the throat lining material of SRM for small rockets. In the early 1960s, the siliconized KS-8 high-strength graphite material jointly developed by the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi 'an Aerospace Composite Materials Research Institute, and Jilin Carbon Factory can be used as the first generation of throat lining material. The KS-8 graphite throat lining material has been successfully applied to the final SRM of Dongfanghong No. 1.


Development of High-Temperature Graphite in Aerospace Industry

Isotropic graphite materials originated in the 1960s. Compared with other graphite materials, isotropic high-temperature graphite materials have better comprehensive performance, and the molding process is also different. The cold isostatic press is generally used as equipment, and petroleum coke and asphalt coke are treated as raw materials after special treatment. The isotropic high-temperature graphite material prepared has the characteristics of high compressive strength and bending strength, uniform and dense structure, high density, high precision and finish of the sealing surface after processing, and low opening rate, so it is also called high-density and high strength graphite material.


In Russia, isotropic pyrolytic graphite material is used as sealing material in turbopumps of the new generation of high thrust space engines. The sealing performance of the sealing ring is good, and there has been no leakage accident at present.