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  • How is graphite block made?

    Graphite blocks for sale use petroleum coke, needle coke as aggregate, coal asphalt as the binder, after mixing kneading, molding, secondary grinding, secondary molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization, mechanical processing, and a series of processes produced by new material.

  • How to custom graphite molds?

    As one of the leading graphite products suppliers in China, we can produce custom graphite molds according to the drawings provided by customers.

  • What are the physical properties of graphite?
    • High temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient;

    • Good electrical and thermal conductivity;

    • Good lubrication performance;

    • Plasticity;

    • Stable thermal shock resistance.

  • What are graphite blocks used for?

    WH Graphite develops advanced materials and a wide range of solutions for the EDM industry, continuous casting, metallurgy, nuclear industry, photovoltaic, vacuum furnace, aerospace and many other fields, enabling the company and its customers to continue to grow and develop in the future.

  • How many types of graphite blocks are there?