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Natural Flake Graphite Powder

Natural graphite powder is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in metallurgical industry. After in-depth processing, graphite emulsion can be produced, which is used in lubricants, demoulding agents, drawing agents, conductive coatings and so on.

Natural Flake Graphite Powder Classification

  • According to the carbon content of natural flake graphite powder classification: such as carbon content between 99.99-99.9% for high purity graphite powder.

  • High carbon graphite powder with carbon content between 99-94%; The carbon content is 93-80% medium carbon graphite powder. Low carbon graphite powder with carbon content between 75 and 50%.

Advantages of Natural Flake Graphite Powder

  • 01

    Natural flake graphite powder flake has crystal integrity, thin and good toughness with excellent physical and chemical properties.

  • 02

    Natural flake graphite powder has good temperature resistance, self-lubrication, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

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