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  • 2350x650x320mm graphite block 2

Custom 2350x650x320mm Graphite Block

This large and robust graphite block, sized at 2350x650x320mm, is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of high-temperature applications in the metallurgical industry. Its substantial dimensions provide a solid foundation for constructing refractory linings and crucibles in furnaces and ladles.

Features of 2350x650x320mm Graphite Block

  • Distinguished by its high thermal conductivity, uniform structure, and exceptional temperature resistance, WHgraphite graphite blocks ensure reliability and performance in harsh operating conditions. Its stability under extreme heat and resistance to thermal shock make it a preferred choice for applications involving molten metals and aggressive chemicals.

Applications of 2350x650x320mm Graphite Block

  • Primarily utilized in the metallurgical sector, this block finds extensive use in constructing refractory linings for furnaces, ladles, and crucibles. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments makes it indispensable for maintaining process integrity and efficiency in metal melting and casting operations.

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Get In Touch With WH Graphite
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