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Graphite is an allotroph of carbon, gray black graphite carbon block, opaque solid graphite block, melting point of 3652℃, boiling point of 4827℃. Solid carbon graphite block, a stable chemical property, is corrosion resistance, and is hard to react with acid, alkali and other agents. Carbon graphite block burns in oxygen at 687℃ to form carbon dioxide. Carbon graphite blocks can be oxidized by strong oxidants such as concentrated nitric acid and potassium permanganate. The graphite carbon block also can be used as an antiwear agent or lubricant. High purity graphite as a neutron decelerating agent in the atomic reactor, can be used to manufacture graphite crucible, electrode, brush, dry cell, graphite fiber, heat exchanger, cooler, arc furnace, arc lamp, pencil core, and so on.

Graphite Blocks For Sale

  • EDM Graphite Blocks
    As China's manufacturing industry is moving towards high-end development, the country is vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, in the field of precision mold manufacturing, the requirements for the discharge materials used in the processing are becoming higher and higher, so THE position of EDM graphite in the processing of these precision molds is becoming higher and higher, and the screening of EDM materials has been highly concerned by the industry.
    EDM Graphite Blocks
  • Isostatic Graphite Block
    Isostatic graphite is made of high purity graphite and has isotropy. Isostatic graphite is a new carbon graphite block developed in the world in the past 50 years, which is closely related to today's high technology. It is irreplaceable for manufacturing single crystal furnaces, graphite crystallizer for metal continuous casting, graphite electrode for EDM, and also an excellent material for decelerating and reflecting materials of rocket nozzles and graphite reactors.
    Isostatic Graphite Block
  • Molded Graphite Block
    Molded graphite blocks have a very wide range of properties such as mechanical strength, friction resistance, density, hardness, conductivity and so on, and can be further improved by impregnating resin or metal. Because the molded graphite particle size and internal structure of homogeneity, if not considering the size of the reason he can be used to replace isostatic graphite.
    Molded Graphite Block
  • Extruded Graphite Block
    Extruded graphite block is a kind of extruded graphite material, mostly used for processing graphite crucible, graphite boat, graphite mold, graphite rotor, graphite heating body, graphite chiller, etc. This kind of graphite carbon block can also be used in strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosive environment, such as rare earth smelting, chemical industry and so on.
    Extruded Graphite Block
  • High Purity Graphite Block
    High purity graphite block refers to the graphite carbon content >99.99%, the flake crystal integrity, thin and good toughness, excellent physical and chemical properties, with good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, self-lubrication, conductivity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to precision machining and other advantages, is the ideal inorganic non-metallic materials.
    High Purity Graphite Block
  • High Density Graphite Block
    OEM carbon graphite blocks are widely used in machinery, casting, and metallurgy industries, with high market benefits. Density is one of the parameters that affect the quality of graphite blocks. High-density graphite blocks have a longer service life, and the density of graphite blocks should be guaranteed above 1.7g/cm³.
    High Density Graphite Block
  • Vacuum Furnace Graphite
    Graphite carbon blocks with outstanding vacuum, thermal conductivity, and thermal expansion coefficient are small, can be used to make the vacuum furnace heating elements and heat insulation screen, can also be used to manufacture stents, tray, bolts, bearings, fan blades, and other mechanical parts layout, not only cut, such as tungsten, molybdenum, stainless steel metal loss, also use of vacuum furnace is optimized.
    Vacuum Furnace Graphite
  • Large Graphite Block
    Graphite is a carbon crystal mineral element, its crystal lattice is hexagon layer structure, graphite soft, dark gray, has greasy feeling, has several excellent properties, such as high-temperature resistance, conductive, thermal conductivity, therefore has a good application prospect, especially in recent years the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, makes large graphite block material application more widely.
    Large Graphite Block
  • 1080x350x350mm Graphite Block
    Introduction of 1080x350x350mm graphite block: This medium-sized graphite block is a versatile solution for numerous industrial applications. With precise dimensions of 1080x350x350mm, it offers a bal...
    1080x350x350mm Graphite Block
  • 1250x650x270mm Graphite Block
    This large graphite block, measuring 1250x650x270mm, offers a substantial platform for various industrial applications, particularly those requiring robust and sizable components. Its rectangular shap...
    1250x650x270mm Graphite Block
  • 1500x700x310mm Graphite Block
    This substantial graphite block, measuring 1500x700x310mm, is designed for heavy-duty applications that demand large, sturdy components. Its generous dimensions provide ample surface area for machinin...
    1500x700x310mm Graphite Block
  • 2350x650x320mm Graphite Block
    This large and robust graphite block, sized at 2350x650x320mm, is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of high-temperature applications in the metallurgical industry. Its substantial dimensions pro...
    2350x650x320mm Graphite Block
  • 420x390x185mm Graphite Block
    This compact graphite block, measuring 420x390x185mm, is tailored for precision machining and specialized applications requiring small to medium-sized components. Its dimensions offer versatility and ...
    420x390x185mm Graphite Block
  • 450x255x125mm Graphite Block
    This compact graphite block, sized at 450x255x125mm, is designed for smaller-scale applications requiring robust and reliable components. Its compact dimensions offer ease of handling and installation...
    450x255x125mm Graphite Block
  • 510x410x250mm Graphite Block
    This medium-sized graphite block, measuring 510x410x250mm, offers a balance between versatility and robustness, catering to a wide range of industrial applications. Its cubic shape provides stability ...
    510x410x250mm Graphite Block
  • 520x440x250mm Graphite Block
    This robust graphite block, sized at 520x440x250mm, is engineered for demanding industrial environments where reliability and performance are paramount. Its generous dimensions provide ample surface a...
    520x440x250mm Graphite Block
  • 630x610x185mm Graphite Block
    This large graphite block, measuring 630x610x185mm, is designed for precision machining and specialized applications requiring sturdy and reliable components. Its rectangular shape offers versatility ...
    630x610x185mm Graphite Block
  • 650x530x250mm Graphite Block
    This substantial graphite block, measuring 650x530x250mm, is engineered for various high-temperature applications where reliability and durability are essential. Its dimensions offer a balance between...
    650x530x250mm Graphite Block
  • 900x300x200mm Graphite Block
    This large graphite block, sized at 900x300x200mm, is tailored for specialized applications requiring precision machining and high-performance materials. Its dimensions offer ample surface area for cu...
    900x300x200mm Graphite Block

What Are Graphite Blocks Used For?

What Are Graphite Blocks Used For?

Carbon graphite blocks is used in silicon carbide furnaces and other metallurgical furnaces, resistance furnace lining, and conductive material, graphite vacuum furnace as well as permeable graphite heat exchanger. 

What Are Graphite Blocks Used For?

OEM graphite blocks is widely used in semiconductor, metallurgy, continuous casting, photovoltaic, EDM with EDM graphite blocks, chemical, steel, glass and ceramics, and other fields. The quality of China carbon graphite blocks is good with stable performance.

Properties and Characteristics of Graphite Blocks

Good Absorption
Thermal Conductivity
Chemical Stability
Oxidation and Reduction Effect
High Temperature
Good Absorption of Graphite Blocks
Good Absorption

Our graphite blocks for sale have good absorption. The void structure of carbon makes carbon has good adsorption, so carbon is often used as adsorption material, used to absorb water, odor, toxic substances, and so on.

Thermal Conductivity of Graphite Blocks
Thermal Conductivity

Carbon graphite block has good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating and fuel saving. The baking dish and pot made of graphite are heated quickly, and the baked food is heated evenly and cooked from the inside out. The heating time is short, which not only tastes pure but also locks the original nutrients of the food.

Chemical Stability of Graphite Blocks
Chemical Stability

China graphite blocks have good chemical stability at room temperature and are not eroded by any strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvents. Therefore, even if the long-term use of graphite products loss is very small, as long as clean as new.

Oxidation and Reduction Effect of Graphite Blocks
Oxidation and Reduction Effect

Graphite carbon block material has strong oxidation and reduction effect. In particular, graphite mattress can produce negative oxygen ions after heating, so that the activity of the surrounding articles, maintain human health, effectively prevent aging, make the skin full of luster and elasticity.

High Temperature of Graphite Blocks
High Temperature

Carbon in 2000-3300℃ high temperature environment after at least a dozen days and nights of graphitization process to become graphite, therefore, graphite products environmental health, no radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance.

Lubricity of Graphite Blocks

Carbon graphite block has good lubricity and is often used as a lubricant in mechanical production, in order to replace the lubricating oil that cannot be used under high temperature and high pressure.

Advantages of WH Graphite Blocks

Superior Quality

WH Graphite graphite block supplier understand the importance of quality when it comes to graphite blocks. That's why we source our materials from trusted suppliers and employ stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Our graphite blocks for sale are known for the exceptional strength, durability, and thermal conductivity.

Extensive Product Range

Whether you need molded graphite block, electrodes, crucibles, or any other purpose, WH Graphite, the professional graphite blocks supplier, has the right solution for you. Our products come in various sizes, grades, and configurations to suit your specific needs.

Customization Options

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver a customized solution that meets your expectations.

Competitive Pricing

WH Graphite graphite blocks supplier believe that top-quality carbon graphite blocks should be accessible to all businesses. Therefore, we offer competitive graphite blocks price without compromising on the quality of our products. We strive to provide the best value for your investment, making us a trusted choice among customers looking for cost-effective solutions.

If you want to buy large graphite blocks, WH Graphite graphite blocks supplier is your best chioce.

How To Make Graphite Blocks?

  • Our OEM carbon graphite block mainly uses high-quality petroleum coke as raw material, coal asphalt, or synthetic resin as the binder.

  • Through the preparation of raw materials, ingredients, mixing kneading, pressing, crushing, remixing kneading, molding, many times of roasting, many times of dipping, purification and graphitization, machining, and made of graphite block.

FAQ of Graphite Blocks

  • Q:

    Who is WH Graphite?

    WH graphite block supplier headquarter is located in Henan, China. Since 2018, our products have been sold to domestic market (60.00%), North America (10.00%), East Asia (9.00%), Africa (8.00%), South Asia (7.00%), Middle East (3.00%) and Western Europe (3.00%).

  • Q:

    How can WH Graphite guarantee the quality of your solid graphite blocks?

    • Each process is produced in strict accordance with the quality standard manual.

    • Pre-production samples must be available before mass production.

    • Final inspection is always made before the final shipment of your graphite welding blocks.

  • Q:

    What graphite products can you buy from us?

    High Purity Graphite Block, isostatic graphite block, EDM Graphite, graphite block with high density, Molded Graphite, Extruded Graphite, Graphite Round, Natural Flake Graphite Powder, Graphite Rod, Graphite Plate, Graphite Crucible, also can be customized according to customer drawings of various graphite moulds.

  • Q:

    Why do you buy graphite products from WH Graphite?

    Pingdingshan Wanhui graphite Co., Ltd. is a professional graphite block supplier, with advanced technology and production equipment, through the ISO9001 quality certification, has an independent R & D team and production lines, can provide professional graphite solutions.

  • Q:

    What services can WH Graphite provide?

    • Acceptance of delivery terms: negotiate with customer.

    • Currency of payment accepted: USD&EUR.

    • Payment accepted: T/T.

Get In Touch With WH Graphite
Get In Touch With WH Graphite
WH Graphite is an experienced industrial graphite manufacturer and products supplier, providing types of high purity graphite products such as blocks, mold, cruibles, rods, plates and powder. Contact us to learn more about custom graphite products for different applications now!