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  • 1500x700x310mm graphite block 2

Custom 1500x700x310mm Graphite Block

This substantial graphite block, measuring 1500x700x310mm, is designed for heavy-duty applications that demand large, sturdy components. Its generous dimensions provide ample surface area for machining and customization, accommodating diverse industrial needs.

Features of 1500x700x310mm Graphite Block

  • WHgraphite graphite blocks, Renowned for its excellent machinability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and chemical inertness, this graphite block offers reliability and consistency in extreme conditions. Its high purity and uniform structure ensure superior performance and longevity in critical applications.

Applications of 1500x700x310mm Graphite Block

  • Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and nuclear power extensively utilize this block for manufacturing insulation components, rocket nozzles, and hot pressing dies. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments makes it indispensable in processes requiring precision and durability.

Get In Touch With WH Graphite
Get In Touch With WH Graphite
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