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Custom Graphite Jewelry Mold

Graphite jewelry molds make original designs of graphite crucibles attached to them for a long time, which keeps high-temperature resistance. Making graphite molds for jewelry is the procedure used to insure that jewelry items can be accurately duplicated at any time future. The mold making process begins with the creation of a metal model. Models can be as simple as a basic ring or complex as jewelry containing multiple interlinking parts used to create elaborate multicolor jewelry.

How To Make A Graphite Jewelry Mold?

By tooling design personnel according to the requirements of the product components used, the die structure design, drawing drawings again by skilled workers, according to the requirements of the drawings through all kinds of mechanical processing, such as lathe, planer, milling machine, grinding machine, EDM, wire cutting and other equipment) to do the mold of each part, assembly and debugging, until to produce qualified graphite products.

Advantages of Graphite Jewelry Mold

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    The graphite mold of jewelry has the characteristics of small porosity, compact structure, high surface finish, strong oxidation resistance, good oxidation resistance and high processing accuracy.

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    The use of high-quality graphite raw materials greatly extends the service life of the mold and improves the oxidation resistance.

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