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Advantages and Uses of Graphite Powder

Graphite powder is widely used in refractory materials and coatings in the metallurgical industry, stabilizers for military explosive materials, desulfurizers in the smelting industry, pencil leads in the light industry, carbon brushes in the electrical industry, electrodes in the battery industry, catalysts in the fertilizer industry, etc. After continuous in-depth processing of flake graphite, a kind of graphite milk can be produced, which can be used for other lubricants, mold release agents, wire drawing agents, conductive coatings, etc., and can also be used for production and development of expanded graphite for flexible graphite products in enterprises Main raw materials, such as flexible graphite seals and flexible graphite composite chemicals.

Graphite Powder Properties

1. Has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. The electrical conductivity of common OEM graphite powder is good. Although it cannot be compared with metals such as aluminum, iron, and copper, its electrical conductivity is quite high compared with other common materials, three times that of carbon steel and five times that of stainless steel. Metal materials are 100 times higher. It has a high temperature under super thermal insulation performance, and it is usually different from metal materials. Generally, the thermal conductivity of metals increases with the increase of temperature. Graphite powder tends to be adiabatic at extremely high temperatures.

2. With super high-temperature resistance. Generally, when the material exceeds 2000 °C, gas is generally generated in the molten state, but the graphite powder does not melt, and its melting point is about 3900 °C, and the boiling point of 4250 °C. The loss of ultra-high temperature graphite powder is very low.

3. Good lubricity. The friction coefficient of graphite powder can be less than 0.1, and the performance of the lubrication system varies with the size of the flakes. The larger the flakes, the smaller the friction correlation coefficient and the better the performance of the lubricating material.

4. Excellent thermal shock resistance. Graphite powder has good thermal shock resistance. When the temperature changes suddenly, its thermal expansion coefficient is small, and its good thermal stability makes its graphite-related products not crack.

5. Good chemical stability. At room temperature, graphite has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion.

Graphite Powder Uses

1. Graphite powder can be used as a mold-release lubricant in the production of catalysts in the fertilizer industry. 

2. Graphite powder has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and high lubricity, and high purity graphite powder can be used as high temperature-resistant lubricant base material and corrosion-resistant lubricant base material. 

3. Graphite powder can be used as powder metallurgy mold release agent and metal alloy raw material, lubricant in cable production. 

4. Graphite powder is used to make carbon film resistors, conductive dry molds, and to prepare conductive coatings. 

5. Graphite powder is used as a filler or performance improver for rubber, plastic, and various composite materials to improve the wear resistance, compression resistance or conductivity of materials.

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