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Graphite Products for Steel Making

Because the thermal expansion coefficient of graphite is small and can withstand the change of rapid cold and rapid heat, can be used as a glass mold, the use of graphite black metal casting size is accurate, the surface is smooth and high yield, without processing or slight processing can be used, thus saving a lot of metal. The production of cemented carbide and other powder metallurgy processes, usually made of graphite materials into mold and sintering graphite boat and other graphite products.


Why Graphite Material is Important for Graphite Electrodes Uses

Into graphite products, graphite raw material processing in the metallurgical industry can be used as refractory material: graphite raw material has the erosion rate is small, thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, high-temperature hot strength of the characteristics of good performance, meet the needs of the large and medium-sized metallurgical process, the graphite material has the advantages of more is better than other materials.


WH Graphites for Metallurgical Industry

WH graphite, an experienced graphite products factory, provides a wide range of graphite products for the metallurgical industry, including:

  • Continuous casting graphite mould

  • Graphite crucible for steel

  • Graphite electrode machining

  • Vacuum furnace graphite parts

  • Graphite mould

  • Sintered graphite mold/graphite boat

  • Graphite rod and graphite connector and other graphite products