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Custom High Purity Graphite Block

High purity graphite is graphite with carbon content greater than 99.99%, which is widely used in military industrial pyrotechnic material stabilizer, advanced refractory material in metallurgical industry and catalyst and additive in chemical fertilizer industry.

How to Make High Purity Graphite Block

  • In the production of high purity graphite, raw materials with low ash content are the chosen objects. The content of high purity graphite impurities must be strictly controlled, and the method of high temperature control impurities should be adopted. 

  • Under high temperature processing, a lot of oxides of impurity objects in high purity graphite will keep evaporation and decomposition, and then extract high purity graphite by improving the graphite rod current density, and finally pass into the purification gas, like some freon and chlorine, so that you can quickly decompose the solid impurities in high purity graphite.

Advantages of High Purity Graphite Block

  • 01

    High purity graphite block, high carbon content, with complete flake crystal, thin sheet.

  • 02

    Good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

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Get In Touch With WH Graphite
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