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Custom Graphite Round

Graphite round material is made of powder of various carbon raw materials. Compared with other non-metallic materials, graphite round has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, simple structure and cylindrical design, which effectively improves the impact resistance of graphite round. Different kinds of graphite round products such as round high purity graphite plate, graphite round bar, graphite round stock and graphite round rod can be customized according to your need.

Advantages of Graphite Round

  • 01

    All graphite products are packed in standard fumigation-free wooden cases;

  • 02

    Each graphite round graphite block is separated by 10-15mm thick foam to avoid contact and wear;

  • 03

    Seal to avoid moving of graphite round graphite block during transportation;

  • 04

    Can also be customized according to customer requirements packaging.

Get In Touch With WH Graphite
Get In Touch With WH Graphite
WH Graphite is an experienced industrial graphite manufacturer and products supplier, providing types of high purity graphite products such as blocks, mold, cruibles, rods, plates and powder. Contact us to learn more about custom graphite products for different applications now!