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Custom High Density Graphite Block

Graphite block is widely used in machinery, casting, metallurgy industry, and has a high market benefit. One of the factors affecting the service life of graphite block material is density, so graphite block with high density can prolong the service life.

High Density Graphite Block Indicator

WH-41.76 8~111155.46423865175013~15
WH-4B1.78 13~151255.6564551101350013~15
WH-4L1.80 8~111254.94540801650013~15
WH-51.85 8~111354.75484685135013~15
WH-61.90 8~101355.153559511508~10
WH-71.80 11~131155.6655111512508~10
WH-81.90 11~131155.85706013511508~10
WH-8S1.90 11~131006.2727316211505
WH-91.83 11~131005.8706514011506~8
WH-101.70 13~14905.6513886185013~15
WHJ-101.80 14~161175.57062129122008~10
WH-10L1.80 14~161195.897377135141007~9
WH-1001.91 11~131324.65768517510506~8
WH-121.77 14~161165.3666599171007~9


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High Density Graphite Block Uses

  • As a new material, high density graphite is an indispensable functional basic material for the development of modern industrial technology, known as "black gold". Pencil leads, lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones, negative electrodes for car batteries.

  • Even the concept of flexible mobile phone leading the future of science and technology, all are made of high purity graphite, the "darling" of the new material industry.

Advantages of High Density Graphite Block

  • 01

    High density graphite block has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties. Few materials can withstand high temperatures like high purity graphite. 

  • 02

    Graphite has a melting point of 3850 degrees and a boiling point of 4200 degrees. The high temperature resistance of graphite is unmatched.

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