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  • 630x610x185mm graphite block 2

Custom 630x610x185mm Graphite Block

This large graphite block, measuring 630x610x185mm, is designed for precision machining and specialized applications requiring sturdy and reliable components. Its rectangular shape offers versatility and ease of handling, making it suitable for various industrial settings.

Features of 630x610x185mm Graphite Block

  • Notable for its high density, low porosity, and excellent machinability, WHgraphite graphite blocks ensure reliability and performance in diverse manufacturing processes. Its ability to maintain dimensional stability under varying conditions and resist wear and tear makes it ideal for long-term use in critical applications.

Applications of 630x610x185mm Graphite Block

  • Industries such as tooling, molding, and nuclear engineering extensively utilize this block for producing diamond tools, graphite molds, and moderator materials. Its versatility, durability, and precision make it indispensable for ensuring quality and performance in specialized manufacturing processes.

Get In Touch With WH Graphite
Get In Touch With WH Graphite
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