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Graphite Rod in the Vacuum Furnace Attention to the 4 Major Matters

Heating graphite rods are often used in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, where they serve as an electric heater that facilitates the easy oxidation of products at high temperatures, making it simpler to produce the right product. Why are heating graphite rods so popular in the market? Mainly because of its high-cost performance.

High Performance of Heating Graphite Rods

The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of heating graphite rods are very high, for example, the thermal conductivity is different from the general metal materials, it is greater than iron, lead, steel, and other such metal materials, and will increase with the temperature, the thermal conductivity decreases. The conductivity of carbon graphite rod is 4 times higher than stainless steel and 2 times higher than carbon steel. Here are some information from WH graphite rod exporter.

Heating Graphite Rods Characteristics

Good Uniformity

When we appear the vacuum furnace as an electric heater, we need to choose the heating part of the red heat uniformity, because it will affect the temperature distribution and service life of the furnace. If the heating graphite rods are used with poor red heat uniformity, it will cause the graphite rods to fracture.

The Surface Temperature

Due to the nature of the graphite rod itself, the higher the temperature, the shorter the service life will be. It can be seen that if the surface temperature of heating graphite rods exceeds a certain temperature, the oxidation rate will increase and the lifetime will be shortened. Therefore, we recommend that you do not make its surface temperature too high when you use it.

Leave Enough Voltage Adjustment Margin

When the heating graphite rods are heated in the air, their surface will form a kind of antioxidant protection film that we often say. Then, we need to make sure the temperature in the vacuum furnace graphite is stable when we use it intermittently so that it is beneficial for us to use the new graphite rod when the resistance of the graphite rod will increase at a lower voltage.

The Late Voltage

When using multiple graphite rods, the voltage required at the later stage will be higher than the voltage of the new rod. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the later voltage, and according to the regulation or wiring method to adjust, generally speaking, the later voltage limit will also have a certain calculated value.

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