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Graphite Square Basic Introduction

Graphite cube|graphite block(extrusion|molding|isostatic pressing)

Graphite block|graphite square is a major graphite product, the production process of graphite block|graphite square is roughly similar to the process of graphite electrode, but not the by-product of graphite electrode, there are many classifications of graphite block|graphite square, the production process is also very complicated, the general production cycle is up to 2 months or more, at the same time graphite block|graphite square has many types, the industry has many names for graphite block|graphite square, usually.

Classification of graphite blocks

According to the different processing, procedures can be divided into extruded graphite block|extruded graphite square, molded graphite block|molded graphite square, isostatically pressed graphite block|graphite square.

According to the different granularity can be divided into fine-grain graphite block|graphite square, medium and coarse grain graphite block|graphite square, coarse grain graphite block|graphite square.

The application of graphite block|graphite square is quite wide: used in silicon carbide furnace, graphitization furnace and another metallurgical furnace, resistance furnace as a furnace lining, heat insulation material, conductive material, and impermeable graphite heat exchanger. 2、Make various molds, such as hot pressing molds, static casting molds, centrifugal casting molds, die-casting molds, molds for melting refractory materials, etc. 3、Metal electrolytic cathode and anode materials.

The graphite block|graphite square provided by Wanhui Graphite has the following characteristics.

Graphite block|graphite square with high bulk density, low resistivity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and good electrical conductivity, and other features.

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