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What is the Role of Graphite Blocks in Graphite Equipment?

Graphite is a polymorph of carbon, appearing as a dark gray, opaque solid with stable chemical properties. It is corrosion-resistant and does not readily react with acids, bases, or other chemicals. Natural graphite is sourced from graphite deposits, but it can also be produced artificially using materials like petroleum coke or asphalt coke through a series of processing steps. Graphite combusts in oxygen, producing carbon dioxide, and can be oxidized by strong oxidizing agents such as concentrated nitric acid and potassium permanganate.

Understanding China Graphite Blocks

Graphite blocks, as the name suggests, are blocks of graphite with two main shapes: circular and square. Graphite blocks have a wide range of applications due to their excellent properties, including high temperature resistance (melting point of 3800 degrees, boiling point of 4000 degrees), good conductivity, corrosion resistance, and stability, making graphite a valuable material. Graphite blocks, cut from graphite, find extensive use in applications such as silicon carbide furnaces, graphite furnaces in metallurgy, resistance furnaces as lining and conductive materials, as well as in impermeable graphite heat exchangers. China graphite block is widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, steel production, and other fields, known for their high quality and stable performance.

Graphite possesses advantages such as a low resistance coefficient, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication, and ease of precision machining. It is an ideal inorganic non-metal material used for crucibles, boats, dishes, heaters for single crystal furnaces, graphite for electrical discharge machining, sintering molds, graphite crucibles for semiconductor technology, electron emission tubes, gates, and anodes for mercury arc rectifiers.

Application of China Graphite Blocks in Graphite Equipment

What role does China graphite blocks play in graphite equipment? The graphite blocks used in the production of graphite heat exchangers and absorbers are called graphite heat exchange blocks and graphite absorption blocks. Typically, externally purchased graphite blocks contain a small amount of moisture in their pores and need to be dried first to evaporate the moisture. This drying process is carried out in an electric oven at a temperature controlled within 350°C for approximately 1 to 2 hours. During drying, water vapor is mainly generated, and no other process waste gas is produced. In the manufacturing of graphite heat exchangers and absorbers, the heat exchange block bears only pressure and is part of the overall structure without bonded seams. Therefore, it exhibits high structural strength and good impact resistance, playing an important and irreplaceable role in graphite equipment.

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