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Reasons for Bending Deformation of Graphite Rods

Ⅰ. About the graphite rod

Graphite rod is a non-metallic product. As a necessary cutting consumable before welding in the carbon arc gouging cutting process, it is made of carbon, graphite and appropriate binder, and is formed by extrusion, baked and rotated at 2200 °C. It is made of a layer of copper plated after the section, which is resistant to high temperature, has good electrical conductivity, and is not easy to break. It is suitable for cutting metals into shapes that meet the requirements. Let WH graphite rod exporter share with you.

Ⅱ. Reasons for hemp surface of graphite rod and bending deformation

Graphite rod is a kind of non-metallic product. Because of its excellent performance, its application fields are constantly expanding. The pitted surface is a small number of irregularly shaped pits on the surface of the graphite rod. These small pits need to be removed during processing, which will lead to a phenomenon that may cause the cross-section or diameter of the product to not meet the standard. The depth of the pitted surface of the graphite rod product shall not exceed the allowable error of the rated diameter, and the width shall not exceed a quarter of the circumference of the round graphite rod.

Reasons for bending and deformation: 1. The raw graphite rod products have not been fully cooled, but they are stacked or stacked in uneven places; 2. The binder of the paste is placed too much, and the temperature of the extrusion nozzle is relatively high. After pressing out, it is not immersed in water or drenched in water in order to achieve the cooling effect.

Reasons for the pockmarked surface of the graphite rod: 1. There is a hard block at the mouth of the extrusion nozzle or the inner surface of the outlet is relatively rough; 2. The platform holding the product has hard protrusions or roughness; 3. The temperature of the extrusion nozzle is too low.

Ⅲ. Treatment method for soft spots on the surface of graphite rods

Graphite rods for electrolysis is an important non-metallic product for electrode processing. It is formed by extrusion of graphite, carbon and appropriate binder. Why are there soft spots on the surface of the graphite rod?

1. Quenching and heating. Reason: After the heating graphite rods are quenched and heated, the cooling and quenching medium is not selected because the quenching medium is aging or has a lot of impurities. Solution: When cooling after quenching and heating, please select a suitable cooling medium, which is often used and needs to be replaced regularly, or filtered.

2. Before heat treatment: Reason: partial decarburization before heat treatment, or rust spots and oxide scale on the surface. Solution: When quenching and heating, please pay attention to protect the surface of the graphite rod mold, and try to use salt bath furnace, vacuum electric furnace and protective atmosphere furnace for heating; rust spots and oxide skin should be removed before heat treatment.

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