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What are the applications of graphite rods and isostatic graphite rods?

Understanding Isostatic Graphite Rods

Isostatic graphite rods are formed through the Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) technique, resulting in graphite with a uniform structure and excellent isotropic electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. The characteristics of isostatic graphite rods include fine-grained, homogeneous structure, isotropy, high density, high mechanical strength, high heat resistance, chemical resistance, high thermal shock resistance, adequate conductivity, higher oxidation resistance, and lower ash content. Sometimes, purification is carried out in specially designed graphite furnaces to remove non-carbon impurities. Isostatic graphite is widely used as a structural or functional material in various industrial and scientific applications.

Applications of Graphite Rods and Isostatic Graphite Rods

Graphite rods can be used to make graphite plates, graphite tubes, graphite crucibles, graphite rotors, graphite shafts, etc. Graphite rods find widespread applications in industries such as electronics, chemistry, machinery, aerospace, manufacturing, metallurgy, etc., serving purposes like anodes, cathodes, bipolar plates, vacuum furnaces, water treatment, hydrogen fuel cells, electrodes, casting, glass manufacturing, heat conduction, lubricants, mold industries, and vacuum pumps.

Isostatic graphite rods are primarily used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, electrochemistry, and other graphite rods for electrolysis, anodes, cathodes, heating elements, resistors, assisting melting/deaeration tubes, molds, crucibles, special structural components, etc., in energy management, glass ceramics, transportation, etc.

Isostatic graphite rods are widely used in medical, metallurgical, chemical, aerospace, and other industries. We can provide isostatic graphite rods of different specifications and quality: non-standard sizes can be manufactured according to drawings or samples; high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life; widely used in thermal mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industries. Performance of fine-grain graphite rods: fine grains, uniform structure, high density, excellent thermal conductivity; high mechanical strength; adequate conductivity; minimal wetting of molten metals.

Isostatic graphite rods are specifically used for manufacturing molds in continuous casting systems for steel, cast iron, and copper; sintering molds for hard alloys, diamond tools, and electronic components; molds for shaping glass in isostatic graphite; crucibles for melting precious metals or alloys; electrodes for electrical discharge machining; vessels for heating elements, heat shields, crucibles, or drawing single-crystal silicon or optical fibers in the furnace; anodes for the production of manganese dioxide, metal magnesium, and rare metals.