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What is High Purity Graphite?

High-purity graphite refers to the carbon content of graphite > 99.99%. It is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in the metallurgical industry, stabilizers for pyrotechnic materials in the military industry, pencil leads in the light industry, carbon brushes in the electrical industry, and electrodes in the battery industry. Fertilizer industry catalyst additives, etc.

1. Understand high-purity graphite?

The properties of high-purity graphite are complete flake crystallization, thin and good toughness, and excellent physical and chemical properties. High-purity graphite has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, self-lubrication, electrical conductivity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

High-purity graphite (also known as sheet-like high thermal conductivity carbon powder) has the advantages of high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, low resistivity, corrosion resistance, and easy precision machining. It is an ideal inorganic non-metallic material. High purity graphite products is used in the manufacture of electric heating elements, structural casting molds, crucible plates for melting high-purity metals, single crystal furnace heaters, graphite for electrical discharge machining, sintering molds, electron tube anodes, metal plating and electroplating, graphite crucibles for semiconductor technology, emission tubes, thyratrons, mercury arc rectifiers, graphite anodes, grids, etc. High-purity graphite has acid resistance, the addition of special materials significantly improves the quality of the product, shows excellent performance in acid resistance indicators, and greatly prolongs the service life of the product.

Characteristics and applications of high purity graphite plate: high-purity graphite has the characteristics of high strength, high density, high purity, high chemical stability, dense and uniform structure, high temperature resistance, high electrical conductivity, good wear resistance, self-lubricating, easy processing, etc. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace, electronics, machinery, nuclear energy and other industrial fields. In particular, large-scale, high-quality high-purity graphite as an alternative material has broad application space and application prospects in the field of high-tech. The purification methods should be divided into two categories: one is wet purification, including flotation method, acid-base method, and hydrofluoric acid method; the second is fire purification, including chlorination roasting method and high temperature method.

2. Application of high-purity graphite

High-purity graphite is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings in the metallurgical industry, pyrotechnic material stabilizers in the military industry, pencil leads in the light industry, carbon brushes in the power industry, electrodes in the battery industry, catalyst additives in the fertilizer industry, etc. After deep processing, high-purity graphite can also produce graphite milk, graphite sealing materials, as well as high-tech products such as composite materials, graphite products, and graphite wear-resistant additives, which have become important non-metallic mineral raw materials in various industrial sectors.