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Advantages and Functions of Graphite Products

Graphite rod, graphite block, graphite mold, graphite round, graphite crucible, graphite plate, graphite powder and other graphite products have become popular in recent years. This is because of graphite's higher functionalities. Let's learn about the benefits of graphite products in the following paragraphs. Because of its void structure, charcoal has excellent adsorption properties and is frequently used to absorb moisture, odors, and toxic chemicals. We have conducted a test. The graphite baking pan used for roasting meat appears to be clean, but when placed on an induction stove, graphite products will show the previous grease and harmful substances will gradually seep out. Don't worry, a clean napkin can wipe it.

Graphite products have great thermal conductivity, which allows them to transport heat fast and uniformly and save energy. Baking pans and pots made of graphite are heating fast, heating food evenly, cooking from the inside out, and short heating time, which not only is pure taste but can lock the original food nutrients. Chemical stability and corrosion resistance are two advantages of graphite products. At room temperature, graphite has good chemical stability and is not corroded by strong acids, alkalis, or organic solvents. As a result, graphite products are worn little even after extended usage, we just need to simply wipe and they're as good as new. Graphite products have a significant anti-oxidant and restoring effect. After heating, the products, particularly the graphite mattress, can produce negative oxygen ions, which activate the surrounding things, maintain human health, reduce aging, and make the skin glossy and elastic.