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Application of Isostatic Graphite Products in the Semiconductor Industry

Crystal growth furnace: In the semiconductor manufacturing process, a crystal growth furnace is required for the growth of monocrystalline silicon. Isostatic pressing graphite is often used as a furnace material for crystal growth furnaces due to its high purity, low impurity content, good heat resistance, and chemical stability. It can withstand high temperature and high pressure environments and will not have adverse effects on the crystal quality during the growth process.

Thermal conductive materials: In semiconductor production equipment, efficient thermal conductive materials are needed to control temperature and ensure stable operation of the equipment. Isostatically pressed graphite is widely used as a thermal conductive component in semiconductor equipment, such as heat sinks, heat dissipation plates, etc., due to its excellent thermal conductivity, which helps to effectively disperse and eliminate the heat generated in the equipment.

Vacuum environment materials: Some steps in the semiconductor manufacturing process need to be carried out under high vacuum or inert atmosphere to prevent impurities from contaminating the semiconductor material. Isostatic pressing graphite exhibits excellent performance in such environments due to its highly dense structure and good dimensional stability, and can be used to manufacture seals, valves, and other key components in vacuum sealing systems.

Reactor materials: In some special semiconductor production processes, high-temperature reactors are required for chemical reactions or material processing. Isostatic pressure graphite, due to its high temperature resistance and chemical stability, is often used as a structural material for reactors, such as reaction chambers and containers, to ensure the stability and safety of the reaction process.

In summary, isostatic pressing graphite products play an important role in the semiconductor industry, providing critical material support for semiconductor manufacturing in areas such as crystal growth, thermal conductivity, vacuum environment, and high-temperature reactions.