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Maintenance of Graphite Molds

Graphite has occupied a stable market share because of its good physical and chemical properties, and has gradually become an ideal material in mold manufacturing. The shape of the mold can determine the shape of the product, and its processing quality and precision determine the product quality.

1. Maintenance methods of graphite molds

Systematic maintenance of graphite molds is related to its protection requirements and repair operations. In order to save costs better, we need to draw up a more detailed cleaning plan for graphite products when cleaning graphite molds. Therefore, when cleaning different parts of graphite products, such as daily cleaning, internal cleaning, edge scrubbing, and cleaning of the main parts, the cleaning methods to be selected are also different.

It is more important that we need to understand the safe operation cycle of graphite products, and the accumulation of residues in the mold and the observation statements of wear are archived. Because the graphite mold runs for a certain period of time and after the track symbol, electroplating wear and the appearance test of graphite products in the ventilation hole and non-ventilation hole area residue content, the technician can look at the appearance inspection to determine the cleaning step and its frequency.

Graphite molds have a certain operation cycle, so all graphite molds need to be accompanied by relevant protection procedures and documents of protection cycle. Generally speaking, controlling the operating conditions of internal grease horizontal gear broaching, internal axle pins, sliders, bushings and other moving parts is to ensure stable production. Other factors affecting production include manifold leakage, contamination or blockage of waterlines and water spray drinking outlets, rust and corrosion caused by water leakage or condensation, etc.

Ⅱ. Applications of graphite molds

1. Glass forming: Nowadays, graphite mold has become an indispensable mold material in glass manufacturing. It can be used to manufacture funnels, elbows, glass tubes and other special-shaped glass bottles.

2. Centrifugal casting: In order to prevent the burning of artificial graphite products, we can take certain anti-oxidation measures. After casting a certain number of castings, if you find that the inner surface of the mold is burned, in order to cast large-size sleeves, you can expand the size of the inner hole of the mold.

3. Sintered graphite mold and others: sintered mold and bracket for to manufacture transistors. It can be used for casting steel molds, durable molds for various non-ferrous metals, molds for cast iron, molds for thermite welding rails, molds for heat-resistant metals (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum), etc.