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About Isostatic Pressed Graphite and Its Properties

Ⅰ. What is isostatically pressed graphite?

Isostatically pressed graphite is a type of graphite with ultrafine grains for specific uses where the mechanical properties of other fine-grained graphite are insufficient. Among its other desirable properties, isostatically pressed graphite is corrosion resistant. Isostatically pressed graphite, also known as isostatically press-formed graphite, refers to the method of compressing a mixture of raw materials into rectangular or circular blocks in a system called cold isostatic pressing. Cold isostatic pressing is a material processing method in which pressure changes in an enclosed incompressible fluid are transmitted invariably to every part of the fluid, including the vessel surface. In contrast to other techniques such as extrusion and vibration forming, cold isostatic pressing can produce artificial graphite in an isotropic form. Isostatically pressed graphite also generally tends to have the smallest grain size (around 20 microns) found in artificial graphite.

Ⅱ. The properties of isostatically pressed graphite

Isostatically pressed graphite is a graphite material different from other types of artificial graphite, with better physical properties and isotropic overall structure. Several properties of isostatically pressed graphite make it the best fine-grained graphite, including high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, structural balance, high purity, high density, high mechanical strength, excellent thermal shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Ⅲ. Industrial uses of isostatically pressed graphite

All of the above properties make isostatically pressed graphite the best choice for precision machining. Therefore, graphite materials are widely used in various industries due to their unique combination of thermal, mechanical, chemical, and physical properties. It is also used in the manufacture of metallurgy, energy, refractory materials, electrical machines, and facilities. Natural and artificial graphite materials are frequently used in these industries. Artificial graphite is prized for its transparency and is classified according to its manufacturing method and intended application conditions.

Composites made from this material have strength parameters similar to steel while exhibiting high electrical and thermal conductivity. Some industries are difficult to operate without graphite. For example, isostatically pressed graphite electrodes in electrical discharge machines can significantly improve the accuracy of metal processing. Isostatically pressed graphite is used to manufacture complex-shaped products with a high surface finish. In the steel industry, isostatically pressed graphite is used to make permanent molds, continuous casting dyes, chutes, etc. In an electric field, isostatically pressed graphite is used in electronic tubes and semiconductor containers, etc. It is also an important material for nuclear power reactors and solar photovoltaic cells.

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